Electronic Applications

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cyberTECHNOLOGIES solutions are used around the  world in many electronic industry sectors and companies. For research and development as well as full in line production solutions, the variety of sensor types and platforms provide the  users with the ability to measure key elements such as thickfilm, flatness and warpage, surface roughness, coplanarity on leads and bumps as well as the measurement of transparent films and coatings, wet or dry and even transparent. High speed measurement can be achieved using the line scanner sensor, which can increase scanning speeds significantly where time is critical.

Some Application Examples

Coplanarity of BGA grids

Bumps normally consist of highly reflective material and are difficult to measure for an optical system. Especially the edges can be a problem for traditional 3D-systems and only a small area in the middle of the bump is detected. cyberSCAN benefits include effective technology for measuring true bump shape, and accurate measurement of bumps and components, including coplanarity, height, volume, diameter and position.

Thickfilm Applications

Controlling the thickness of various print layers on hybrid substrates is essential because electrical parameters are directly related to the thickness. The non-contact measurement technology measures the wet sample immediately after the print with automatic measurement routines to create repeatable and user independent results.

Wafer Applications

The features provided by the cyberTECHNOLOGIES platforms will allow measurement of flatness and surface features  on wafer products to beyond 300 mm diameter. Sensor options can measure flatness to 0.1 nm. The twin sensor versions will provide total thickness variation.