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Our PCBA testing facility is open for board testing and we offer remote support of all equipment under contract. Essential site visits can be carried out in keeping with the guidelines.
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Accelonix provide access to non-contact 3D and thermal warpage measurement technologies for use in production and research environments.

Cyber Technologies’ 3D non-contact surface measurement systems are widely used in precision and surface engineering industries where the material or surface is not suited to other methods, such as stepped, transparent, wet, dry or soft materials. Parameters include form, waviness, contour, roughness, step height measurement, and much more.

The flexible systems offer high speed manual and automated operation, with inbuilt reporting graphics and SPC. Operating to sub-micron level, sensors include white light confocal, interferometer, 3D microscope technologies and offer 2 and 3D roughness to ISO 25178.

Akrometrix are the leading supplier of Thermal Warpage Metrology systems into the electronics manufacturing marketplace worldwide. Using their patented Shadow Moiré technology, components and boards can be assessed in failure analysis or production modes to resolve design or manufacturing stress issues. Coefficient of thermal expansion and surface strain can be measured too.

Engineers will gain a better understanding of the interactions of materials, packages, substrates and complete assemblies, allowing for a thorough analysis of the system and improving its reliability and first pass yield performance. Components and boards to 600 mm square can be tested from -50 to +300°C. The software suite allows for profile generation as well as mapping the interface between component and board at temperature.