XRH Count

X-RAY SMD Component Counter, XRH Count
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The XRHCount is capable of processing reels up to a diameter of 400mm and a height of 100mm. All common component types from small 01005 up to big connectors can be counted with an accuracy over 99%. Even sensitive components in antistatic or moisture bags can be counted with high accuracy. The cabinet itself has a small footprint of 1.25m x 0.85m and a height of 2.2m. Barcode scanners, label printers and local networks can be easily connected.
XRHCount – SMD component counter. The XRHCount revolutionizes SMD component counting by using X-ray technology and artificial intelligence. Its unmatched speed and accuracy allows electronic manufacturers worldwide to monitor the flow of material in real-time and helps to reduce the warehouse overhead.
  • 95% cost reduction for counting
  • Integrated to ERP and MES systems
  • Industry 4.0: Online Counting Cloud
  • Contactless counting inside ESD bags
  • Less than 10 seconds cycle time

Continuous Improvement Culture

  • Defines and maintains standards
  • Continuous flow material
  • Robust & lean process
  • Transparency throughout the entire supply chain
  • Simplifies process

Quality improvement

  • Leading to zero defects (contactless process)
  • Reduces quality related costs
  • Reduces failures on field
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Yield increasing
  • One piece flow
  • Error proof concept

OEE Improvement

  • Increases uptime
  • Fast reaction time, problems identified fast
  • Increases customer quality and delivery
  • Generation of statistics and KPI's to measure performance
  • More accurate postproduction calculation (accuracy of 99.9%)
  • Reduce unplanned downtime per shortage of material
  • Better overview of warehouse material and material flow

Cost Reduction

  • Waste free process
  • Reduced effort and head count
  • Reduced cycle time against old approach process
  • Inventory reduction
  • Reduced space
  • Short ROI 6 to 24 months
  • Fast cycle time
  • 10 seconds compared to the old approach 2 to 5 minutes

Integration to MES/ERP

  • Industry 4.0 (Integration to MES/ERP)
  • Integration into renowned industry systems (FUJI trax, cogiscan etc.)
  • Alternative native export to Excel/CSV possible
  • Counting-Cloud solution connects all systems worldwide online
  • Paperless process


  • Zero effort programming solution,
  • Fast Plug and Play operating
  • less than 1 hour
  • Software updates free of charge during the lifetime of the system



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