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X-RAY SMD Component Counter, XRH Count
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VCcount’s XRHCount is capable of processing reels up to a diameter of 400mm and a height of 100mm. All common component types from small 01005 up to big connectors can be counted with an accuracy over 99%. Even sensitive components in antistatic or moisture bags can be counted with high accuracy. The cabinet itself has a small footprint of 1.25m x 0.85m and a height of 2.2m. Barcode scanners, label printers and local networks can be easily connected. A new intelligent external barcode reader, Quad Count Pro, available even for existing systems, increases the level of automatization, as do do the recently introduced fully automated XRHRobotCount and the XRHInlineCount solutions. These cater for high-volume production and increase the speed and effectivity of the customer’s processes even further. The system is also available for short or long term rental, including a rent-to-buy scheme.
XRHCount – SMD component counter. The XRHCount revolutionizes SMD component counting by using X-ray technology and artificial intelligence. Its unmatched speed and accuracy allows electronic manufacturers worldwide to monitor the flow of material in real-time and helps to reduce the warehouse overhead.
  • 95% cost reduction for counting
  • Integrated to ERP and MES systems
  • Industry 4.0: Online Counting Cloud
  • Contactless counting inside ESD bags
  • Less than 10 seconds cycle time
  • Quad Count Pro – optional intelligent external barcode reader for further automatization (can be installed on existing systems)
  • Fully automated robotic and/or in-line options XRHRobotCount and XRHInlineCount cater for high-volume production
  • Short-term and long-term rental and rent-to-buy schemes

Continuous Improvement Culture

  • Defines and maintains standards
  • Continuous flow material
  • Robust & lean process
  • Transparency throughout the entire supply chain
  • Simplifies process

Quality improvement

  • Leading to zero defects (contactless process)
  • Reduces quality related costs
  • Reduces failures on field
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Yield increasing
  • One piece flow
  • Error proof concept

OEE Improvement

  • Increases uptime
  • Fast reaction time, problems identified fast
  • Increases customer quality and delivery
  • Generation of statistics and KPI's to measure performance
  • More accurate postproduction calculation (accuracy of 99.9%)
  • Reduce unplanned downtime per shortage of material
  • Better overview of warehouse material and material flow

Cost Reduction

  • Waste free process
  • Reduced effort and head count
  • Reduced cycle time against old approach process
  • Inventory reduction
  • Reduced space
  • Short ROI 6 to 24 months
  • Fast cycle time
  • 10 seconds compared to the old approach 2 to 5 minutes

Integration to MES/ERP

  • Industry 4.0 (Integration to MES/ERP)
  • Integration into renowned industry systems (FUJI trax, cogiscan etc.)
  • Alternative native export to Excel/CSV possible
  • Counting-Cloud solution connects all systems worldwide online
  • Paperless process


  • Zero effort programming solution,
  • Fast Plug and Play operating less than 1 hour
  • Software updates free of charge during the lifetime of the system



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