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The TestStation Duo doubles the test throughput of conventional ICT by combining two complete and independant test modules inside a single tester frame.

Teradyne - TestStation Duo
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The TestStation Duo effectively doubles the test throughput of conventional ICT without doubling capital costs or increasing manufacturing floor space by combining two complete and independent test modules inside a single tester frame.
The TestStation Duo is a unique concurrent in-circuit Test System that is part of Teradyne's industry leading TestStation product family. The TestStaion Duo effectively doubles the Test throughput of conventional ICT as each module tests an individual board at the same time. As a result, manufacturers can test two boards in the same amount of time as testing one board. This is achieved without doubling capital costs due to the faster throughput resulting from the two PC Controllers - one to control the main module and one to control the secondary test module. Each computer controls independent test instrumentation installed in each test module. Manufacturing floor space is decreased by combining two complete and independent test modules inside a single tester frame, also reducing the need for test operators. The TestStation Duo hardware and software features are scale-able, meaning that manufacturers can purchase what they need and easily add additional capabilities later on.
In addition to concurrent test operation TestStation Duo can be operated in single module mode. This flexibility is designed to preserve the investments many manufacturers have made in TestStation ICT by allowing direct transfer of existing test programs and small test fixtures without incurring extra costs or program development activities.
  • Twice the throughput of traditional in-circuit test systems
  • Lower capital equipment, fixture, and operational costs
  • Requires less manufacturing floor space
  • Single module operation for flexibility and compatibility
  • High fault coverage
  • Scale able performance and test capabilities
  • Award-winning SafeTest protection technologies
  • Supports up to 12 pin card slots per module
  • Configurable with analog only, pure pin, or hybrid pin cards
  • Pin counts range up to 1,536 per test module
  • Configured with duplicate instrumentation in each test module allows testing of two identical PCBs in parallel

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