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Teradyne - Multi-Site Offline
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Teradyne Multi-Site Offline
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The Teradyne TestStation Multi-Site provides true 2x-4x parallel test and delivers 200% to 400% greater productivity. This is necessary for high volume PCBA manufacturers as it reduces the cost of test for themselves and their customers.
Teradyne's Multi-Site Test Systems deliver full parallel, high throughput circuit board production test. The key to Multi-Site Test architecture is intelligent resource allocation. Test electronics for each site are close to the test interface, featuring short signal paths to test instrumentation, common cooling, power and infrastructural elements that support all the test sites, which in turn reduces system physical size. What’s more, with the System’s ability to test multiple boards simultaneously, it provides step-function improvements in system productivity and cost of test. A single Multi-Site System delivers the equivalent productivity of two or more conventional MDA/ICT systems, with half of the recurring cost of operators, fixtures and factory overhead. Each test site operates independently of the others for unprecedented parallel test throughput, all while retaining the program development and debug ease-of-use of a single test system. With their multi-size, high density design, TestStation Inline systems may be configured over a wide range of pin counts, ICT, and FBT test instrumentation, to meet every inline production test requirements.
TestStation Multi-Site Offline test system supports all of the standard and optional features of the TestStation platform, but is unique in the following ways:
  • Resource-optimized multi-site system design
  • Delivers the smallest system footprint of the TestStation platform
  • Offers multi-site parallel testing capabilities for twice the system throughput of much larger systems
  • Supports up to 5 or 10 pin card slots per site
  • Configurable with analog only, pure pin, hybrid, or high-density pin cards
  • Pin counts range up to 2,560 for single-site configurations or 1,280 for dual-site configurations
  • Multi-Site test architecture for 2 to 4 times greater throughput vs. single-site test system
  • System footprint that is 40% less compared to an equivalent conventional system
  • Up to 2,560 test point capability
  • One-third the AC power provisioning requirements of full-sized alternatives
  • Easily configurable to deliver simple analog-only, in-circuit, and system-level test
  • Capable of "Copy-Exact" test results worldwide

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