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The APT-1600FD is two sided Flying Probe test system which has unprecedented performance in terms of test speed, positioning accuracy and test coverage.

Takaya APT1600FD Flying Probe

TAKAYA APT-1600 Flying Probe Tester
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The APT1600FD is the latest generation of Flying Probe systems from Takaya. It has everything that you would expect from a global leader with over 30 years experience in developing flying probe systems, plus new features including dual-side roving probes. All Takaya systems are aimed at New Product Introduction Testing (NPI) and low to medium volumes of high mix production quantities and often these are very complex PCB assemblies. Takaya customers vary from Automotive, Medical, Defence and Industrial applications, and they all say the same: 'their systems are invaluable in today's ever changing products', the Takaya systems flexibility allows them to exceed their customers' demands in a timely manner, as well as assuring that they deliver outstanding quality'.

The APT-1600FD Series is a dual-sided Flying Probe test system which deploys the Flying Probes to both sides of a PCB under test. Owing to the dual-sided probing contact, the APT-1600FD contributes to a marked increase in test coverage and also assures the shortest possible test time. In addition, the system is world-class in terms of test speed, positioning accuracy and is also equipped with wealth of extraordinary test functionalities, so that your assembled PCBs can be tested with ease and precision in a short amount of time.

Key Features

  • 4-Heads & 6-Flying Probes from Top, 2-Heads & 4-Flying Probes from Bottom Unprecedented Test speed
  • Strong and Rigid Granite XY stage
  • High-end & High-precision Measurement Unit
  • NSW Test for shortening of test time
  • Easy & User-Friendly Software and Security Function
  • In-Line System (APT-1600FD-A)
  • Attenuating Contact Pressure of Probes Flexible PCB Clamp system
  • Enhanced Test Area & Clearance
  • Realization of Dynamic characteristics testing Easy Connection to External Test Equipment Test Ability in Constant State of Evolution
  • New Software Structure Wealth of Options
  • LED ON-Colour Test
  • Colour camera & Vision system for AOI / Real-map
  • Laser Displacement Measurement system

For further information please visit http://www.takaya.co.jp