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The PSV7000 is engineered for speed and accuracy, withe the capability to program up to 2000 devices per hour.

Data I/O - PSV7000
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Data I/O PSV 7000
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Engineered for speed and accuracy, the PSV7000 gives you a worry-free installation & high up-time. Designed for ultimate flexibility and zero changeover, the PSV7000 is meticulously designed to support the most demanding requirements. The PSV7000 delivers unprecedented capability & quality for the lowest total cost of ownership.

Universal Device support:- FPGA's, CPLD's, NAND, eMMC, SD, MoviNAND, OneNAND, iNAND, Serial Flash, EEPROM, EPROM, NOR, MCP and more including Microcontrollers.
The PSV7000 exceeds the most demanding programming requirements. Engineered for speed and accuracy, the PSV7000 gives you blazing fast throughput and highest up-time due to its programming capabilities of up to 2000 devices/hour with tray, tape or tube input, and is capable of handling the smallest programmable devices on the market, as small as 1.5mm x 1.5mm.

Designed for ultimate flexibility and lowest changeover times, the PSV7000 is meticulously designed to support the most demanding requirements. Changeover times have been reduced by up to 75% compared to other systems. What's more, high-precision laser marking, 3D co-planarity, serialization and traceability software are available options to support the highest quality process requirements.

Utilizing Data I/O’s proven FlashCORE III programming engines, the PSV7000 can have up to 96 individual programming sockets installed and supports all device types, including FPGAs, CPLDs, Microcontrollers, and flash memories (including eMMC, NAND and NOR devices). Existing Data I/O customers can leverage their installed base of FlashCORE III adapters, software, and algorithms as well as the superior handling and I/O capabilities of the PSV7000.

New Data I/O customers can take advantage of the world’s most reliable and trusted programming engine and the most advanced handling system. The combination of high throughput, fast changeover features, and extreme flexibility allows manufacturers using one PSV7000 to program what previously required multiple systems to produce.
  • Optimized System for Faster File Download
  • Flashcore III Programmers with Optimized Algorithms
  • Supports up to 96 Flashcore III sockets
  • Supports up to 112 Lumen X sockets
  • Alignment-On-The-Fly
  • Zero Mechanical Changeover
  • Smallest Device Handling Down to 1.5mm x 1.5mm
  • Greatest Socket Density: Scalable up to 24 Programmers for up to 96 Sockets
  • Concurrently Installed Media Options
  • Ergonomic Design for Easy Access to Programmers
  • Lowest Cost of Total Ownership
  • Throughput: Up to 2000 Devices Per Hour With Tape, Tray or Tube, Even With Large File Sizes
  • Placement Accuracy: ±.03mm
  • Placement Force: Compliant Probe Tips, Combined With Precision Placement Reduces the Chance of Bent Pins
  • Pick and Place Method: 2 Single Vacuum Sensor
  • Frame Dimensions: 1250mm W x 1280mm D x 1500mm H
  • Net Weight: 500kg

For further information please visit http://www.dataio.com