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The Flaskpak III from Data IO is the worlds most trusted manual device programmer for quality programming.

Data I/O Flaskpak III
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Data I/O FlashPAK III
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The Flaskpak III manual device programmer is ergonomically designed for low to medium volumes. Where programming parts only one at a time is very time consuming, the Flaskpak III can program up to 4 devices simultaneously thus giving a large time saving in production from this small yet powerful programming system. Adding more Flaskpak III systems will increase throughput further until volumes are reached that require our automated systems such as the Roadrunner 3 or our PSV5000 and PSV7000 series systems.
The FlashPAK III™ networked programming systems support the latest high-density flash memory, NAND flash, microcontroller and EEPROM devices at maximum programming speeds and highest quality. FlashPAK III is the third generation programming architecture extending Data I/O’s unique design for high-speed flash support. FlashPAK III is designed to give the highest production throughput possible. FlashPAK III is capable of reading and writing to devices at speeds greater than 10 MBytes/second. In addition, the job download speed has been improved dramatically to enable fast job changeovers. Finally, the field configurable FPGA can be optimized for any device. The FlashPAK III is ideal for first article builds and NPI applications. As your product moves to higher volume production, the programming tasks can be easily transferred to Data I/O's automated FlashCORE programming systems such as the PSV series of systems.
  • 4 programming sockets
  • Networked operation
  • Load from master or data file
  • Ganged socket actuation
  • Keypad, LCD display and Status LEDs
  • PCMCIA card reader/writer
  • Small, lightweight, portable design
  • System Software

  • TaskLink for Windows
  • Network Interface
  • Requires IP address
  • Programmer
  • FlashCORE III with SuperBoost Technology

For further information please visit www.dataio.com