The Parmi Xceed range of AOI systems can detect all defect types that relate to components placing and soldering.

Xceed New Generation 3D AOI

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The Parmi Xceed New Generation 3D AOI range of systems can detect all defect types that relate to component placing and soldering. It's high speed CMOS camera with dual-laser technology can easily identify missing, lifted, misaligned and tomb-stoned components. As well as, checking polarity of all devices.

The best in 3D AOI systems. Whether we are helping you increase your PCB yield and throughput, solve a unique challenge, or increase your ROI, Parmi systems give you a competitive edge. Parmi have developed their new generation Xceed 3D AOI to improve your processes and product quality in terms of component placing and soldering quality.

Common, Simple User Interface

  • PARMI’s exclusive, uniform and common user interface for both the SPI and AOI systems make it easy to learn and use for both new and existing SPI customers

Programming Ease

  • One-Click teaching provides automatic ROI creation for most common inspection settings
  • Includes 7 fundamental inspection items: Missing, Lift, Size, Misalignment, Side-mount, Tombstone, Upside-down

Barcode & Bad Mark Recognition

  • In one inspection, both Barcode and Bad Mark are recognized simultaneously. 1D, 2D, QR Laser Marking, and Printing barcodes are recognizable

Additional Features

  • 3D AOI Sensor Head
  • High Speed CMOS Camera (4Mega-pixel) with Dual Laser Technology
  • RGB LED Lights
  • Telecentric Lens
  • Light Weight, Compact Sensor Head Design
  • Industry Leading Inspection Speed: 65 cm²/sec @ 14 x 14µm
  • Cycle Time: For PCB 260mm x 200mm = 10 seconds including load and unload
  • Warpage Tracking



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