COVID-19 response: Accelonix continues to operate as close to normal as possible while adhering to the government regulations. All orders are processed and we currently experience no disruptions to our supply chains.
Our PCBA testing facility is open for board testing and we offer remote support of all equipment under contract. Essential site visits can be carried out in keeping with the guidelines.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in the usual way.


Founded in 1998, PARMI has always been synonymous with innovation. They are not just another SPI & AOI solutions provider, but a true solutions partner with a goal to add value to your business. Whether we are helping you increase your PCB yield and throughput, solve a unique challenge, or increase your ROI, Parmi systems give you a competitive edge. Parmi have developed their new generation Xceed 3D AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) and their SIGMAX 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) systems for todays discerning users who require ‘Smart Inspection’ techniques, that give them clear, accurate, repeatable and fast results.

Their shadow free, dual-laser optical triangulation measuring principle, with high speed CMOS4 mega pixel camera, ensures an industry leading world class performance. The advantage of a simple user interface and ease of programming, guarantees an effective quality gate in identifying all defects. UK support from the Accelonix trained engineers will ensure your AOI/SPI system will consistently give you excellent service, repeatable test results and zero defects.