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UniCamFX optimizes PCB assembly processes This proven solution helps continuously improve your NPI process and maximize the up-time and throughput of your lines through recipe generation for single-platform and mixed-vendor lines, document creation and paperless delivery to the shop floor.

UniCam FX
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UniCam FX
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UniCam FX is the most commonly used NPI software tool for design and optimization of PCB assembly processes. UniCam FX covers the entire NPI process, from computer-aided design (CAD) and bill of materials (BOM) import through recipe generation, and supports single-platform and mixed-vendor lines. This proven solution helps continuously improve your NPI process and maximize the uptime and throughput of your lines.

UniCam FX provides machine recipe generation and setup optimization, document creation, and paperless delivery to the shop floor. It allows you to manage existing products and introduce new products to your manufacturing shop floor faster and more efficiently. UniCam FX’s workflow-driven processes move data quickly from design to the shop floor with easy-to-use, standardized tools that reduce production errors and improve productivity.
Standard outputs for a wide range of assembly machine models including surface-mount technology (SMT), through-hole technology (THT), automated optical inspection (AOI), X-ray, glue, dispense, screen printers and more.
  • Fast CAD/BOM recovery for accurate PCB visualization
  • Flexible, easy-to-use BOM and centroid importers
  • Reduce feeder changeover and machine downtime with common multi-job feeder setups
  • Reduce manufacturing errors with a centralized part library
  • Determine the optimal work order sequence
  • Over 65 CAD input formats supported
  • New outputs available upon request
  • Generate machine programs for any mixed line
  • "Go green" using paperless view station technology

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