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Test Expert allows electronics manufacturers to go from design to test and inspection in minutes or hours. With fast, user-programmable nail/probe selection routines and interactive tools it offers complete flexibility and control for Flying Probe selection and In-Circuit Test (ICT) fixture design.

Test Expert
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Siemens Test Expert
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Test Expert is the most widely used test programming and design for test (DFT) software application in the electronics manufacturing industry today. Test Expert (formerly Fabmaster) is a fully integrated solution that allows electronics manufacturers to go from design to test and inspection in a matter of minutes or hours, rather than days. With its fast, user-programmable nail/probe selection routine and complementary interactive tools, Test Expert offers complete flexibility and control during fixture design for in-circuit test (ICT) and advanced flying probe selection.

Test Expert’s workflow-driven user interface allows you to follow all the steps required for full programming and fixture generation, or just the steps necessary for fast DFT results. The workflow guides you through the test/inspection processes starting with computer-aided design (CAD) data and bill of materials (BOM) input, through probe selection and fixture design, to program generation. This ensures that the same, tested procedures are used repeatedly to reduce errors and improve accuracy and productivity.
  • Fast CAD/BOM recovery for accurate PCB visualization including part shapes, pads...
  • Gerber reverse engineering (optional)
  • Easy-to-set fixture and test design algorithms make it simple to determine the actual testability of any PCB
  • Display and report the differences between variants
  • Add, move, and delete nails/probes with an interactive editor
  • Over 65 CAD input formats supported
  • Outputs include ICT, Flying Probe, X-ray and AOI
  • Automatic graphical tools to calculate true part sizes for test probe access checking
  • Manage dense boards with a automatic probe offset tool
  • Allows user test type model definitions and customer part/shape number driven Library system
  • Theoretical testability analysis reporting with user controllable rules per tester type
  • Optional integration of test program feedback from multiple tester/inspection systems for 'real-life' testability coverage analysis

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