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Inspection Xpress inspects first-off PCB’s. Additional use includes inspection of prototypes or small volume production, sampling and Final Inspection. A revolutionary algorithm displays images captured from the actual PCB in a unique practical way for fast inspection saving valuable time.

Inspection Xpress

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Inspection Xpress
Inspection Xpress is a powerful solution for the inspection of the first off PCB’s from a new manufacturing set up. Additional use includes the Optical inspection of prototypes, small-series production, sampling and Final Inspection.

Saving valuable time, the software uses a revolutionary algorithm to manipulate the images that are captured and then displayed to the user/inspector in a unique practical way.

Inspection Xpress provides software assistance to manual visual inspection of an assembled card using an intuitive control method, the user is more efficient, faster and more reliable. This effect is achieved by the ability to gather the images on an inspection panel, the components are automatically grouped and displayed.

The end result is a greatly increased production line availability saving valuable time and money.
Based on capturing an image of the card and a unique and innovative component image display process (patented), Inspection Xpress enables 100% extremely fast, reliable card analysis , thus limiting time. waiting and stopping the production line.

The unique technology built into the software makes it a powerful tool not only for inspecting the first card but also for the world of prototyping, small series and final control.

The principle implemented does not require programming, it does not require any particular knowledge in Computer Science. The preparation for the inspection is carried out with the documents used in the workshop before the production starts. Inspection Xpress function without learning, has many tools such as paneling, library boxes and item codes ...
It is a powerful tool that automates the construction of the control scenario.

  • Inspection Xpress Reduces Inspection Time
  • Inspect all Components of the First PCB Off the Line
  • Inspect More Than One PCB (Prototype Runs)
  • Uses a Unique and Innovative Solution to Display Components in the Inspection
  • Cost Effective
  • The Hardware Part

  • A3 Scanner 2400 dpi max resolution
  • Auto-focus, LED lighting, auto-centering
  • Operation range 400mm * 300mm
  • Max Component height on top side : 40 mm
  • Max Component height on Bottom side : 50 mm
  • Single system with drawer
  • Desktop system 760 mm x 590 mm height 540 mm weight ca. 50 kg
  • 230 V / 50 Hz or 110 V / 60 Hz
  • power consumption of scanner 300 W
  • temperature: 5° C - 35° C
  • humidity: 10 % - 80 % non-condensing
The software offering is complemented by image capture equipment.

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