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FabXpert: Program generation software for Test, Inspection and Manufacturing.

FabXpert: Program Generation Software


Program creation software for component placement, inspection and testing. FabXpert is part of Accelonix’ own software suite designed with ease of use, creation assistance and speed of development in mind.

Developed for over 10 years by Accelonix France specifically for the PCB manufacturing industry, the FabXpert program generation software offers a global solution comprising Test & Inspection, Manufacturing and Documentation modules. Benefiting from more than 30 years of experience of Accelonix’ own team, the FabXpert’s Takaya Test module is the most successful program generation tool to date, specifically designed for use with the market leading Takaya Flying Probe Systems. However, the FabXpert software also offers program generation tools for bed-of-nails testers, AOI/SPI systems as well as generic format outputs.

The modular concept is highly versatile, easy to deploy and handle, with short training times, offers high levels of performance and compatibility and allows project sharing between sites.

  • Includes numerous CAD interfaces
  • Ultra-fast and customisable map viewer
  • Displays correlation between map and electric diagram
  • Imports bill of materials in .doc or .xls format
  • Numerous output interfaces for placement, inspection and test machines
  • Distribution of components by scenario, automatically created from the BOM
  • User-friendly interfaces to prevent omission of important data
  • Component rotation offsets for placement are taken into account
  • Integrated DFT module, accessibility and coverage

CAD Import

  • Includes all CAD interfaces available at time of software purchase
  • For customers who have purchased software maintenance, new input processors are included to the licence
  • Highly configurable
  • Automatic format recognition

Data Viewer

  • Displays all layers in one map
  • Customisable colours and layers
  • Search function for components/pins/nets/nails
  • Configurable Zoom options
  • Selection colourising tool
  • Information on components and enclosures
  • Synchronization of electrical diagrams by selection in the viewer or in the list of components
  • Displays netlist together with the selection

BOM Import

  • Integration of the list of components present on the product
  • Imports .doc and .xls files
  • Creation of profiles to automate the task
  • Configuration using graphical tools
  • Validation of the conformity of imported information

Electrical Attributes Editor

  • Assistance tool for the definition of electrical attributes not defined in the CAD and BOM data
  • Component classification
  • Software assistance throughout the process to avoid incorrect definition or omission
  • Automatic identification of component pins (for diode, transistor etc.) where possible, otherwise assignment by simple mouse click
  • Dynamic link with the schematic diagram

Box Attributes Editor

  • Graphic tool for defining attributes, position of nails, box sizes, height, etc.
  • Visualization and modification of boxes in proportion

Nail Definition

  • Automatic nail selection and numbering for flying-probe and bed-of-nail testers
  • Displays box dimensions and prohibited areas
  • Displays nails
  • Map image display
  • Module for evaluating electrical accessibility according to the technology of the tester
  • Manual addition/deletion/modification of nails, reflected in the accessibility report

Program Generation Options

  • Programs for Bed-of-Nails testers
  • Programs for AOI/SPI
  • Highly configurable generic XY output format
  • Programs for Flying Probe Testers

FabXpert’s TAKAYA TEST module, based on 30 years of experience and expertise, is the most successful generation tool to date: The module integrates all the tools needed to generate a test program but also to measure its effectiveness:

  • Suitable both for single and double-sided systems
  • CA9 and CAX file format available as standard
  • Live product image integration for debug purposes
  • Creation of visual tests
  • Optimisation of electrical, parallel and serial tests
  • Generation of CC tests
  • Generation of tests between power supplies
  • Managing PCBA orientation for testing
  • Management of probe permissions
  • Creation of functional tests

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