Models 8301 and 8303

Model 8301 Vacuum Pressure Furnace
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Model 8303 Vacuum Pressure Furnace
The SST 8300 Series is an automated vacuum pressure soldering system designed to deliver a reliable, better than industry standard void rate, low-void, flux-less solder process. The system uses precise combination of vacuum and gas pressure and features oxide removal technology using formic acid or forming gas. Featuring conveyor belts and a Cartesian gantry, the SST 8300 Series provides high volume, high reliable packages through precise control of the soldering process. The system allows for heating up to 500°C and fast cooling in an inert gas environment from vacuum levels below 50 millitorr to pressures up to 40 psig using the QuikCool™ cooling unit. Unique edge heating elements enable the chamber to achieve temperature uniformity over the entire target plate. Available with a single (SST 8301) or triple (SST 8303) chamber, the SST 8300 Series can operate as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated into an automated production line; each chamber of the SST 8303 runs a complete process allowing multiple processes to be run in parallel. The user-friendly software interface provides a graphic review of data for real-time process analysis.
  • Automated High-Volume Production
  • Low-Void, Flux-Less Solder Process
  • Flexible Configuration: single or triple oven; standalone or integrated
  • Power Module Assembly
  • Hermetic Sealing of Hi-Rel Packages
  • High Intensity LED Attach
  • Hermetic Sealing of IR Image Sensors
  • CPV Solar Cell Assembly
  • Operating Temperature Range: Room temperature to 500°C
  • Thermal Process Area: 13 X 18.5 in. (330 x 470 mm)
  • Chamber size (SST 8303): 15.9 X 22.5 in. (404 x 571 mm)
  • Minimum Vacuum Level: <50 millitorr (<0.067 mBar)
  • Maximum Chamber Gas Pressure Level: 40 psig (3.8 Bar)
  • Process Gasses: N2 plus one additional. Third gas is optional (GAS3)



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