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TPT since 1996 have been providing the highest quality wire bonding and semiconductor equipment to the microelectronics industry

TPT HB30 Semi-Automatic Heavy Wire Bonder

TPT HB30 Semi-Automatic Heavy Wire Bonder
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TPT HB30 Semi-Automatic Heavy Wire Bonder Bondhead
TPT Wire Bonder Heavy Ribbon Bonds
TPT Wire Bonder Heavy Wire Bonds
TPT Wire Bonder Heavy Ribbon Bonds 2
The HB30 is a bench top size heavy wirebonder, easy to use and ideal for laboratories, pilot production runs and small scale production lines. The HB30 benefits from a motorised Y and Z axis giving a greater control over the looping parameters, allowing the user to create consistent and repeatable wire bonds with ease.
  • Motorised Z Bondhead
  • Motorised Y travel for Step-Back Control
  • Intuitive Interface with Touch Screen Control
  • Stitch Bonding
  • Built-in Dual Fibre Optic Illuminator
  • Loop Profile Software
  • Semi-Automatic, Step and Manual Bonding Mode
  • 100 Program Storage Capacity
  • Aluminium Wire Diameter 100µm - 500µm
  • PLL US System
  • Ribbon Sizes up to 300µm x 2000µm
  • Ultrasonic Power 20 Watt Output
  • Bond Time 0-10 seconds
  • Bond Force 5-1500cNm
  • 90° Wire Feed Angle
  • Loop profiles consisting of up to 10 steps

For further information please visit www.tpt-wirebonder.com