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TPT since 1996 have been providing the highest quality wire bonding and semiconductor equipment to the microelectronics industry

TPT HB100 Automatic Wedge and Ball Bonder

TPT HB100 Automatic Wedge and Ball Bonder
TPT Wire Bonded Die
TPT Wedge Bond and Ball Bond
TPT Wedge Bond on Chip
The HB100 represents a new generation of automatic desktop wire bonder with motorised Z-X-Y axis and bondhead rotation. Perfectly suited for laboratories and small volume productions. This versatile machine can perform wedge and ball bonding with a single bond head. With fast, precise linear motor axis, the HB100 is very easy to use and packed with exciting features such as a touch-screen, dual camera system and joystick control. In addition, the latest software technology supports the user with process guidance and bond assist features.
  • Motorized X, Y, Z and Theta axis
  • Loop Profile Software with up to 10 steps
  • Pattern Recognition – automatic position correction through machine vision (optional)
  • Intuitive 21" Interface with Touch Screen Control
  • Simple change between Ball and Wedge Bonding
  • Deep Access Bondhead
  • Dual Camera System for Detail view and Overview at the same time
  • Crash Prevention System for Z-Axis Touch Down
  • Parameters Entered using Real Units of Force, Time and Power
  • Broad range of Accessories like Heater stages and Top Plates
  • Gold & Aluminium Wire Diameter 17-75µm (0.7 - 3 mil)
  • Ribbon Size up to 25x250µm (1x8 mil)
  • X-Y Drive & Resolution linear motors 0.1µm
  • 63.3kHz Transducer PLL Control (110kHz option)
  • Ultrasonic Power 0-10 Watt Output
  • Bond Time 0-5 seconds
  • Bond Force 10-200cNm
  • 90° Wire Feed Angle
  • 100mm Motorized Z travel

For further information please visit www.tpt-wirebonder.com