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Nordson MARCH is the global leader in plasma cleaning and treatment equipment, and plasma applications technology.

March FlexTRAK Plasma System
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March FlexTRAK Plasma System
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The latest addition to the MARCH TRAK series, the FlexTRAK system offers high-throughput capability of up to 480 substrates or process carriers per hour. Its small chamber volume and proprietary process control enable unmatched short cycle times. It is a highly configurable, high-throughput plasma system.The March TRAK series of gas plasma equipment provides unparalleled treatment uniformity and process consistency. A three-axis symmetrical chamber ensures all positions of the product are treated uniformly, while tight controls over all process parameters ensure repeatable results from product to product.

The FlexTRAK™ is the latest addition to the March TRAK series, and is a highly configurable, high-throughput plasma system. Its universal architecture accommodates a multitude of material handling configurations to support a wide assortment of variable-size form factors. Its small chamber volume and proprietary process control enable unmatched short cycle times, while its slim structure minimizes floor space requirements.

  • Easily Integrates with a Variety of Process Equipment, Including Wire Bond, Die Attach, Dispense, Mold and Marking Equipment
  • Ultimate Application Flexibility for Direct, Downstream and Ion-free (Patent-Pending) Plasma,
  • which Allows Treatment without Exposure to the Direct Plasma Glow Discharge
  • Compact, Three-Axis Symmetrical Chamber and Proprietary Process Control for Unmatched Process Uniformity
  • Industry-Leading Throughput Capacity with Short Cycle Times
  • A Unique, Slim Structure that Requires Minimal Floor Space
  • Powder-Coated Aluminium Chamber
  • In-Line Automatic, Manual and Pass-Through
  • Controlled Vacuum Exhaust
  • Flexible Inlet Gas Flow Geometries
  • Two Mass Flow Controllers
  • Hydrogen Ready
  • Touch-Screen PC with Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Unlimited Alphaneumeric Recipe Storage
  • 16 CFM Dry Pump
  • Variable Frequency Drive for Process Consistency

For further information please visit http://www.nordson.com/en/divisions/march