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Nordson March: Plasma Technology

Advanced Plasma Technology, Solutions and Expertise for Multiple Manufacturing Industries.

Nordson MARCH is the global leader in plasma cleaning and treatment equipment, and plasma applications technology. The company has been engaged in the plasma equipment business for more than 25 years and has broad experience in the areas of advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly, wafer level packaging (WLP), printed circuit board manufacturing, life science & medical device assembly, and various large-scale industrial applications.

Nordson Corporation is one of the world's leading producers of precision dispensing equipment that applies adhesives, sealants and coatings to a broad range of consumer and industrial products during manufacturing operations. The company also manufactures technology-based systems for curing and surface treatment processes.

March AP-300 & AP-600 Plasma Systems
AP-300 & AP-600

The AP-300 / 600 plasma systems from March Plasma Systems are designed to deliver exceptionally uniform plasma cleaning and treatment with unmatched ease of operation, reliability and low cost. The plasma systems are completely self-contained, requiring minimal bench space.

March AP-1000 Plasma System

The system delivers quality plasma treatment along with unmatched reliability, safety and ease of operation and maintenance. PLC controller with touch screen interface provides industrial reliability and ease of use. The complete system enclosure minimizes footprint.

March AP-1500 Plasma System

The system is designed to provide best-in-class plasma treatment in an extra-large “batch”-type configuration. The AP-1500 plasma system is a cost- and space-efficient plasma system for treating all types of parts and components. The system is completely self-contained, and requires minimal floor space.

March FlexTRAK Plasma System

The latest addition to the MARCH TRAK series, the FlexTRAK system offers high-throughput capability of up to 480 substrates or process carriers per hour. Its small chamber volume and proprietary process control enable unmatched short cycle times. It is a highly configurable, high-throughput plasma system.

March FlexTRAK -2MB Plasma System

Designed for high-throughput, inline processing of microelectronic devices held in boats, trays or other carriers; ideal for pre-Flip-Chip Underfill (FCUF) processes. Unique boat bypass feature optimizes productivity, multiple inline plasma modules and production-ready dual-lane boat handling increase throughput.

March RIE-1701 Plasma System

The RIE-1701 anisotropic reactive ion etch (RIE) plasma system from Nordson MARCH is self-contained, and requires minimal bench space. The chassis, which also serves as an integrated safety enclosure, houses the plasma chamber, control electronics, 13.56 MHz RF generator, and automatic matching network.