Dependable welding solutions - including projection welding - for hermetic sealing of microelectronic packages and joining of a variety of metal parts.

Projection Welder - Pulsar

Projection Welders - Pulsar
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The Pulsar System is comprised of the Pulsar capacitor discharge welder (P-1000, P-3000, P-6000, P-9000) and high-efficiency weld transformers combined with a KN-II weld head to form a single station projection cap welder. Production proven in industrial environments around the world, these systems are the dependable workhorses of the industry. Whether hermetically sealing micro-electronic packages, transistor outline packages, or joining a variety of metal parts, Pulsar’s broad range of precision power choices provide technically advanced process solutions. The system can be easily integrated into atmospheric enclosures to insure high yield hermetic sealing results, or outfitted with an innovative electrode vacuum and gas backfill system for electronic package sealing that enables packages to be evacuated, and then filled with gas before being hermetically sealed.
Pulsar Series Capacitive Discharge Projection Welding System. The Pulsar Series capacitor discharge welding power supplies, combined with model KN-II weld heads provide dependable, field proven system solutions for hermetic sealing of microelectronic packages and joining of a variety of metal parts. The Pulsar Series offers a broad range of precision power choices and can be easily integrated into atmospheric enclosures to ensure high yield hermetic sealing results.

Key Features

  • Capacitor discharge (CD) technology supplies short, high energy welding pulses which localize heat in the weld zone, reducing heat build-up in sensitive microelectronic packages
  • Wide range of models offer from 1000-9000 joules of energy
  • Hermetically seal diverse packages ranging from the smallest TO, UM and HC styles to hybrids up to 5 linear inches (127 mm) depending on package design
  • “Weld inhibit” function accepts input from atmospheric enclosure instruments, such as oxygen analysers and moisture monitors for integrated process control
  • “Weld fire” lockout monitors the capacitor bank charge and prevents firing if the energy level differs from the set point, ensuring repeatable weld pulses
  • Efficient stored energy design provides stable, consistent output pulses which are not affected by AC input power fluctuations.
  • Single Phase AC Power.Design & Operation
  • Straightforward operation and control is easy to learn and understand
  • All weld parameters are accessed, set, and displayed on the front panel of the SS-1 Weld Head Controller
  • Optimized digital control of charging and discharging rates decreases cycle times
  • KN-II Weld Head provides fast follow-up allowing for complete metal fusion without weld splatter
  • Standard one-inch (25.4 mm) diameter electrodes for KN-II Single Range weld head and two-inch (50.4 mm) diameter electrodes for KN-II Dual Range weld heads
  • Custom designed electrodes and holders are available to suit your application
  • Two anti-tie-down palm buttons safely initiate the weld cycle (foot switch optional)
  • Adjustable electrode approach pressure and speed guarantee safe handling and avoid damage to fragile parts
  • Weld pressure, forge time and hold time are adjustable over a wide range of settings
  • Energy range P-1000: 1-999 J
  • Energy range P-3000: 100 - 3000 J
  • Energy range P-6000: 100 - 6000 J
  • Energy range P-9000: 100 - 9000 J
  • Circuitry: All solid-state/charge and discharge
  • Control circuit protection: Zener-referenced closed-loop circuit
  • Weld transformer: High-efficiency matched weld transformer
  • Energy repeatability: 5% of energy set point
  • Forge force Single range: Adjustable between 120 - 1200 lbs. (534 - 5340 newtons)
  • Forge force Dual range: Adjustable between 120 - 4000 lbs. (534 - 18000 newtons)
  • Stroke: 47 mm (1.875 in) standard, 100 mm (4 in) optional, custom lengths available
  • Electrode holders: Quick change
  • Alignment: Zero alignment die set
  • Kinetic expander: Expansion >6.4 mm (0.25 in)
  • Approach time: Adjustable from 50 msecs to 3 seconds
  • Forge time: Adjustable from 50 msecs to 3 seconds
  • Hold time: Adjustable from 50 msecs to 3 seconds
  • Weld initiate circuit: Automatic
  • Locking regulators: Adjustable from 10 psi (72 kpa) to 120 psi (827 kpa)
  • Cycle status: Visual illuminated indicators



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