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Hesse: Fully Automatic Wire Bonder

Hesse Mechatronics GmbH, formerly 'Hesse & Knipps' is a world leader in the field of ultrasonic welding technology for the microelectronics and semiconductor industries.

Hesse’s latest generation of fully automatic wire bonders offer advanced ultrasonic bonding technologies for fine wire and heavy wire bonding applications. High speed, large area ultrasonic bonding solutions for wedge bonding, ball bonding and ribbon bonding processes. Innovative technical advancements, such as Process Integrated Quality Control or wear-free piezo bondheads, position Hesse at the leading edge of ultrasonic wire bonding technology. Advanced, user friendly software provides a range of powerful features whilst retaining a helpful and intuitive interface. Exchangeable bondheads provide flexibility to accommodate a broad range of wire bonding applications on a single platform.

Hesse’s headquarters along with their manufacturing facilities are located in Paderborn, Germany.

NEW Wire Bonding in Production of Battery Packs
Battery Bonding

Ultrasonic wire bonding is one of the most flexible and reliable technologies for connecting batteries in the production of battery packs for e-mobility and similar industrial applications. Learn more on the advantages of wire bonding in our comprehensive guide.

NEW SW955/959 Ultrasonic Smart Welder
Ultrasonic Smart Welder

Combining the force and ultrasonic power of ultrasonic welding and the flexibility, precision, speed and advanced process control features of wire bonding, the Smart Welder SW 955/959 provides producers of medium-sized ultrasonically welded connections with increased process control and freedom of design for the next generation of capable, efficient and cost-effective designs in power electronics, battery packs and other applications.

NEW SW985 Large Area Ultrasonic Smart Welder
Ultrasonic Smart Welder

Featuring the best of both ultrasonic welding and wire bonding technologies and the largest working area in the Hesse Smart Welder range, the Smart Welder SW985 is perfectly suited to handle a large variety of products in power electronics, battery pack and similar applications requiring medium-sized ultrasonic welded connections.

BJ653 Fully Automatic Wire Bonder
Bongjet BJ653

The Bondjet BJ653, with its changeable bond heads, is capable of wedge-wedge wire bonding as well as ball-wedge wire bonding and can handle fine wire, heavy wire and ribbon.

BJ955/959 Fully Automatic Heavy Wire Wedge Bonder
Bondjet BJ959 and BJ955

The Bondjets BJ955 and BJ959 of the new bonder generation are ultrasonic wedge-wedge bonders developed for the fully automated processing of a wide range of large-sized substrates, chips and other materials.

BJ931 Dual Head Leadframe Wedge Bonder
Bondjet BJ931

The Bondjet BJ931, Fully Automatic Dual-Head Leadframe Wedge Bonder is an ultrasonic wedge bonder developed especially for maxtrix leadframe applications.

BJ980 Heavy Wire Wedge Bonder

The ultrasonic wedge-wedge bonder Bondjet BJ980 is a heavy wire wedge bonder ideal for solar and battery applications.

Bondjet BJ855 Fully Automatic Fine Wire Wedge Bonder

High Speed Fully Automatic Fine Wire Bonder (Wedge-Wedge and Ball-Wedge). The Bondjet BJ855 is the latest generation of fully automated fine wire bonders and expands the existing product portfolio of fine wire bonders.

BJ985 Battery Bonder

Bondjet BJ985 belongs to the new generation of ultrasonic wedge-wedge bonders developed for the fully automated processing of a wide range of large-sized substrates, chips, automotive applications (e.g. batteries) and other materials.