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For over 25 years, Royce Instruments, Inc. has been an innovative global leader for design and manufacturing of precision assembly tools

Royce DE35-ST Die Sorter
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Royce DE35-ST Die Sorter
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The DE35-ST semi-automatic die pick and place system is an elegantly simple, low cost machine for picking die, including Excels in sorting fragile GaAs and MEMS devices from sawn or scribed wafers mounted on adhesive film. Die can be placed into waffle packs, Gel-Pak®, film frame or directly onto substrates. The DE35-ST eliminates the inefficiencies and down time usually found in small lot production. Simple to learn and use, the DE35-ST requires no hand tools for die size changeover and setup.Waffle pack pockets for die placement are automatically selected. Manual selection using the keyboard arrow keys enables completion of partially filled waffle packs. If a grading output mode is selected, the machine places the die in the next pocket of the corresponding waffle pack and advises the operator when output trays are full.
  • Non-Surface Contact (NSC) Option
  • Die Underside Inspection Option
  • Facet Inspection Option
  • High Precision Die Eject Option
  • Optional Die Inverter
  • Available for up to 300mm Wafers
  • Picks Die as Small as 200um Square. Optional non-surface contact operation for MEMS, air-bridge GaAs, optical and other sensitive devices
  • Waffle Pak, Gel-Pal and Film Frame Output
  • Throughput of 700-1200 UPH, Depending on Product
  • Quick Change Over, Under 10 Minutes

For further information please visit http://www.royceinstruments.com/