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CT 2D and 3D non‑contact surface measurement platform

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Building on the capabilities of the Vantage range of products, the CT platforms are designed to offer a greater range of options to the user, where surface measurement issues need to be addressed on a wide range of sample sizes, shapes and materials. They can operate in laboratory or production environments.

Based around the advanced Scan suite software solution, the optional AScan automation process, and the various optical solutions for different materials, the platform configurations provide a flexible approach to selecting the appropriate means of assessing many shapes and sizes of product, even when simultaneous assessment of both sides is required.

CT 100 Non‑Contact Profilometer
CT 100

The CT 100 is a compact and flexible 2 and 3D non‑contact surface profilometer. Suited to bench mounting, it has a motorized platform providing a scanning area of up to 150 mm square. A variety of optical sensors are available for this model, providing the optimum balance of working height and measurement range for particular applications.

CT 300 Non‑Contact Profilometer For Large Areas
CT 300

Utilising the same technology as the CT 100, the CT 300 is designed to offer a larger automated scanning area of 315 mm in both x and y axes. The system also allows for the addition of an additional sensor to increase the scope of measurements available to the operator. The full range of white light confocal sensors can be used, as well as the microscope systems for use on ultra‑flat surface assessment to nanometre levels over large areas.

CT350T / 250T Double‑Sided Non‑Contact Metrology System
CT350T / 250T

The flexibility of the cyberTECHNOLOGIES approach can be seen here with the CT 350T and 250T, where the platform has been adapted to provide measurement access to both sides of the sample simultaneously. Two aligned sensors are capable of surface and thickness measurement for total thickness mapping, bow, warpage and roughness.

CT R200 Non‑Contact Profilometer For High‑Speed Measuring of Round Parts
CT R200

The measurement of round items can be accomplished utilising the same optical and software capabilities available in the CT range, but with the addition of a rotary stage. With a 200 mm x axis the CT R200 also offers an automated z‑ axis for accurate results when checking components from 5 to 200 mm diameter.

CT 350S Non‑Contact Surface Profilometer With Ultra Precise Motion System

Equipped with a closed loop z‑axis control, the CT 350S is designed to allow the operator to take full advantage of the motorized z‑axis to assess components with heights within the entire 200 mm vertical range. With a motorized table, it can handle areas to 350 mm square. With a large granite base, floor mounted and with air bearings in 3 axes the CT 350S is suitable for precision optics as well as other materials.

CT 600S Non‑Contact Profilometer For Scanning Large And Heavy Parts
CT 600s

The CT 600S is a gantry‑based system suited to the measurement of heavy and large components. Ideal for measuring flatness, step height roughness and other parameters over large distances, the sensors are mounted on an automated z‑axis providing resolutions to 3 nm and measurement ranges to 2 mm. The design allows for the calibration of the system flatness independent of the sample weight.