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GPD SimpleCoat System
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Selective Conformal Coating systems SimpleCoat and SimpleCoat TR are ideal for selective conformal coating and dispensing applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability, both for medium and low volume production. A stand-alone configuration is available for manufacturing that does not require a conveyor.

Some applications require coating on products with a complex geometry. For these types of products, a standard top-down coating may be insufficient. The tilt and rotate model - SimpleCoat TR - allows the spray valve to be tilted ±45° and rotated ±90° to reach four sides of a product.

Equipped with a robust 3-axis motion platform that, in the base configuration, includes spray valve and a needle valve; an optional volumetric pump may be used in place of the needle valve.

SimpleCoat works with a laptop computer. Programming is easy and can be done either by manually teaching a program or by using a JPG image of a PCB. All parameters, such as valve parameters and motion parameters, can be easily altered. Various shapes, patterns, and areas can also be programmed.

A Tilt and Rotate head is included in the base configuration of the SimpleCoat TR along with the robust 3-axis motion platform. Station 1 spray valve tilts ±45° and rotates ±90° giving you full access to all sides of your device.

Standard Features:

  • Inline Operation with SMEMA Communication
  • Spray and Needle Valve
  • Purge and Solvent Cups
  • Stainless Steel Surfaces
  • Internal Black Light for Coating Inspection
  • Full-featured Programming, including Teach from JPG
  • Exhaust Port with Sensor
  • Light Tower
  • Cartridge Fluid Feeding

Oprional Features:

  • Low Level Material Sensor - detects fluid level in reservoir
  • External Pail - large volume reservoir
  • Stand-alone Configuration - batch system with no conveyor
  • Volumetric Pump - alternative to needle valve
  • Multiple Reservoirs - easy fluid exchange


  • Dispense valves: up to 2 valves

Motion Control:

  • XYZ Axis Drive: Stepper motors plus ball screw
  • XYZ Resolution: 25 Micron
  • Speed: 350 mm/sec (13.78"/sec)

Coating Area:

  • XYZ Travel: 430 mm x 430 mm x 50 mm (17" x 17" x 2")
  • Bottom Side Clearance: 100 mm (4")


  • Conveyor Type: Pin Chain
  • Conveyor Width (minimum): 50 mm (2")
  • Conveyor Width (maximum): 430 mm (17")
  • Edge Clearance: 5 mm (0.2")
  • TRansport Height: 940 mm - 965 mm (37" - 38")
  • Communication: SMEMA

Conformal Coating - Spray Valve SPV100 Specifications

Viscosity Range:1-20,000 cps
Weight:525 g (1.2 lbs)
Material Pressure – maximum:35 bar (508 psi)
Control Air Pressure – minimum:5-6 bar (73-87 psi)
Spray Air Pressure:At least 0.5 bar (7 psi) less than control air pressure
Operating Temperature – maximum:80° C (176° F)
Voltage:24 VDC
Nozzle Sizes:0.5 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm


  • Precise stroke adjustment for material volume control
  • Nozzle shapes (flat or round) and air caps depending on final application

Conformal Coating - Needle Valve NDV250 Specifications

Viscosity Range:1-500,000 cps
Weight:490-650 g (1.1-1.4 lbs)
Material Pressure – maximum:35 bar (508 psi)
Control Air Pressure – minimum:5-8 bar (73-116 psi)
Operating Temperature – maximum:80° C (176° F)
Material Pathway:2.5 mm


  • High opening and closing forces
  • Double acting pneumatic actuation
  • Electric or pneumatic control
  • Withstands high pressure



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