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Power to make time less of a limitation
Time can be a limiting factor for many reasons. This problem can be easily overcome with the VDS P(ower) vacuum dispensing system, which is usually equipped with three motion axes, an automatic cup position and a multi-piston dispenser (2 to 8 nozzles, depending on required performance; other sizes available upon request). In a single evacuation cycle, as many components as possible are processed at the same time on an even grid so that one dispensing stroke processes several workpieces at once. This system is the perfect solution for fast, premium quality potting of medium-sized or small components at very high production volumes.

Evacuation time (at 10 mbar) [s]

  • 23 - 38

Compatible dispensers

  • Dos P016
  • Dos P050
  • Dos P100 (all feature 1-nozzle dispensing only)
Vacuum chamber dispenser 4 to 12 nozzle dispensing

Key Features

  • Dispensing contours under vacuum with XYZ axis system
  • Powerful vacuum pump for effective evacuation
  • Heated dispensing unit and tubes
  • Intuitive operation and dispensing program setup with visualization UVISneo


  • Short cycle times by simultaneously potting multiple components per evacuation and stroke
  • Short evacuation times due to powerful vacuum pump
  • Indispensable for safety-relevant and highly functional components

For further information please visit https://www.scheugenpflug.de/en.html