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Lean VDS U
Lean VDS U
Reliable vacuum potting for medium-sized batches
The LeanVDS U(niversal) is available to users as a budget-friendly, entry-level model for reliable vacuum potting. Unlike the basic LeanVDS model, the LeanVDS U, in sizes starting from 420 x 420 mm, is equipped with up to three motion axes, allowing for precise, bubble-free filling, dabbing and bead application without CNC functions. This makes the system particularly suited for small to medium-sized workpieces in medium-sized batches. Potting takes place in a vacuum with up to 5 mbar of absolute pressure; parameters can be configured as usual. All LeanVDS U modules are equipped with the proven Dos P piston dispenser. Whether working with difficult workpiece geometries, more complex potting programs or a wide range of parts, users are able to handle anything when they use the LeanVDS U.

Max. travel speed [mm/s]

  • 160 (X and Y direction)
  • 50 (Z direction)

Evacuation time (at 50 mbar) [s]

  • 55 (standard)
  • 25 (upgrade)

Compatible dispensers

  • Dos P016-1K/01
  • Dos P016-2K/01
  • Dos GP-01

Key Features

  • Dispensing contours under vacuum with XYZ axis system
  • Powerful vacuum pump for effective evacuation
  • Easy data export via USB port interface
  • Intuitive operation and dispensing program setup with visualization SCP210+


  • Higher component reliability and life-span due to improved impregnation
  • Size of the vacuum chamber allows for potting of varying component dimensions
  • Superior product quality for affordable investments




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