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Atmospheric dispensing

Scheugenpflug offer a range of dispensing methods suited to 1 and 2C materials for low and high viscosity, filled or unfilled, abrasive or non-abrasive with volumetric, gear pump and micro-dispensing technologies. These provide options for volume dispensing and mixing, continuous feed or microdot bead and line needs.


The Dos manual work stations are a budget-friendly, reliable entry-level solution for simple potting tasks and small batches. They consist of standard modules of varying performance classes.

Dispensing Cell

The Entry-Level Solution for Dispensing Applications The system includes a 3-axis-system and a light curtain as well as the proven Dos P016 and the cartridge expulsion unit A90 C with filling level monitoring.

Desktop Cell

The DesktopCell is a compact system solution for small to medium-sized batches and for prototype production. It combines all the advantages of a fully fledged dispensing cell with a small footprint.

Lean Cell

The LeanCNCell is specially designed to handle dispensing and potting of small to medium-sized batches. It combines all the advantages of the CNC system plus a high-precision axis controller with attractive performance for the price.

CN Cell

Where high flexibility for medium and large batch production is required, the CNCell is the system of choice. This multi-functional cell is based on standardized modules and it is tailored to customer specifications. The wide range of available dimensions, production processes, parts handling options and material flow or machine control units allows for a completely customizable set-up of a system tailored to specific needs.

Systems for Intergration
Systems for Intergration

The Scheugenpflug processing modules allow systems integrators and automation providers to leverage the benefits of the strictest processing technology standards in their production lines or cells. The systems can be quickly and safely integrated into new or existing production lines or cells as easy as “plug-and-produce”.