About Us

Accelonix is an independent company and a provider of equipment and software solutions for the assembly and testing of electronic and microelectronic boards. It is recognized by its customers for its know-how, experience and sense of service.

Established in 1993, Accelonix constantly improves its knowledge and expertise and expands its offer to cope with the rapid movement of technologies. On a daily basis, Accelonix favours its relations of proximity, reactivity and service with its customers and strives to build a close and lasting partnership with its suppliers. Through its commercial and technical European structure, Accelonix and its subsidiaries are determined to always better serve their customers and suppliers.

Through its Test, Assembly & Software Solutions, and Micro-Assembly divisions, Accelonix provides solutions adapted to each stage of electronic board or component (micro-electronics) manufacturing.

Station Works
Station Works
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Accelonix Limited
Station Works, Station Road,
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Tel: +44(0)1223 659965


Accelonix is a global business. If you’d like to contact our offices in Europe, simply visit our global site.