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Takaya APT-1400F Flying Probe
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The APT‐1400F is a next‐generation Flying Probe test system which has unprecedented performance in terms of test speed, positioning accuracy and test coverage. Removing the requirement for a conventional bed‐of‐nails fixture and providing a wide variety of test facility will contribute largely to your R&D department and NPI section that ought to validate low‐volume productions.
In addition to the four standard moving probes which are installed diagonally to the board under test, the APT‐1400F is designed to use anther two Z mechanisms (option) which can be installed by either moving probe or IC‐open test probe that moves up and down vertically. The vertical Z axis units enable access to the test points which are hard for the standard moving probes to access, while also enabling contact to the location at different heights with accuracy.

The TAKAYA APT-1400F is the fastest Flying Probe test system in the world and sets new standards in speed and test coverage for the competition.

The system has been specially developed for the test of complex circuit boards and large quantities. The APT-1400F has 6 flying probes, of which 2 are vertical probes that enable accesses to contact points that could not previously be reached.

The APT-1400F does not make any compromises between speed, reliability and long service life. The design of the XY table has been completely revised and optimally adapted to the high travel speed of the test probes and to the new mechanical design of the axes. An outstanding measurement unit and numerous innovative test algorithms enable significant increase of the test coverage on your circuit boards.

  • Breakthrough 4-heads & 6 Flying Probes system
  • High power motors and new high speed controllers
  • 50% faster than conventional Flying Probe Tester
  • 25% more accurate, smallest pad size < 60µm
  • New design of the XY axis and the XY table made of granite
  • Flexible “Composite Robot” longlife measurement and control cable
  • Advanced soft touch control
  • Measuring circuits mounted on the flying heads
  • Newly developed flexible board clamping mechanism
  • Conveyer system with an automatic width adjustment and SMEMA interface
  • In-Line Application: All APT systems are of course also available as In-Line variant. Equipped with a transport system with automatic width adjustment, the Flying Probe testers can be used for completely automated operation in a production line or in magazine to magazine operation.
  • 16 Bit DAC/ADC measuring unit incl. 3 x DC 4-Quadrant sources and measurement system
  • R, L, C measurements
  • Measuring voltage < 0,1V
  • Kelvin measurements
  • Guard functions
  • Diodes & Zener diodes measurement functions
  • Voltage Controller/Operational Amplifier
  • Transistors/FET/Optocoupler/Relays/etc.
  • DC/AC Current- and Voltage Measurements
  • Dynamic curve measurements of components and circuits
  • Isolation Tests
  • Continuity test
  • Frequency measurements
  • AC signal generator
  • Cluster tests
  • IC Open sensor
  • LED Sensor (wave length and brightness)
  • Integration of external power supplies and test equipment(Boundary Scan, In System Programming, etc.)
  • High Density CCD color camera
  • 2 x programmable LED ring illumination
  • Fiducial mark recognition (off set, rotation, shrinking)
  • Component recognition (polarity, presence, shift or wrong component)
  • 1D and 2 D barcode recognition
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Color distinction for components
  • Color Real Map function for the graphical display of the board and the test points
Accelonix offer a range of New Product Introduction (NPI) Software to aid design for test...
  • Automatic test generator for interactive tests
  • Usage of Flying Probes as support for other tests
  • Tests called from Flying Probe software - seamless transition between softwares
  • Fast and Scalable Boundary Scan Controller
  • 4-Channel mixed signal I/O module
  • compact, flexible hardware fitted inside Flying Probe

For further information please visit http://www.takaya.co.jp